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 Post subject: [ANALYSIS]: Arthur Bine, the Stasis-fuelled Steamer
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:34 am 
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Joined: Wed Dec 24, 2014 6:51 pm
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Hi all!

Many of you could not know me, so I'll introduce myself.
I'm Mattia (Vragar online), and I'm from Italy.

I'm a Krosmaster player, more 4Fun than competitive, and a Senoir Judge.
I have been very active some times ago on the Italian and English official forums, but in the last time, mainly for job motivation, I'm unable to follow the game frequently as before.

Like ALL krosmaster player, I'm waiting for the release of Krosmaster 2.0, Season 4, Duel Pack 3 and the update of the online version... Hoping that Ankama will learn from the past errors, and correct their conduct about this wonderful game.

I like to write guides and analysis about single pieces, hoping that this things can help new players to understand the mechanics of the game (and let expert players talk about them, looking at some pieces from a different point of view).
Here are my other analysis from the EN forum (and there are many others on the IT forum, but you should understand italian for them):
- Yugo, Young King: ... young-king
- Doo Rex: ... is-doo-rex

Today I'll talk with you about a piece that will see a lot of game in the near future (and is finding his place in the actual metagame too): we will talk about Arthur Bine.

Arthur Bine comes from Season 2 Promo Figures, so he will stand in the metagame even after the famigerated "format-rotation" that could come after Season 4 release. ... _front.png

Arthur Bine is a Level 3 rare character, so we can play just one copy in our team, and carries only the Foggernaut archtype; this is a very good thing, because let us play Arthur Bine paired with other Boss characters, increasing his effectiveness a lot.

Arthur got Initiative 3, and, following the Season 4 spoilers, we all know that 3 is a good number to build a team involving the new Chafers and a strong damage-dealer... And yes, Arthur is indeed a GREAT damage-dealer! :)

His standard parameters are:
3MP, but this value is destined to raise during the game... in many ways.
10HP, that are good for a Level 3 piece; Arthur wounds himself for every attack, but he's able to heal too and this is a great advantage for us.
6AP is a good value, that give us many options in the game making Arthur a flexible weapon and a dangerous threat for the opponent.

Arthur Bine got just 2 spells, but they are both very good!

Frenzy is our attack spell; at the cost of only 2AP and 1 injury, we can shoot at a distance of 1-3 without needing line of sight, so we can shoot even behind scenary, obstacles or other krosmasters; a short range attack, with unmodifiable range (red icon) that hits even from a safe covered spot. The base damage is 1 from Water element.
More impressive is the addictional effect Pierces-Armor, that takes away 1 dice from our opponent's defens roll. This means that usually our opponent won't have got possibility to roll against our attack. Just with the Armor or Luck powers she will roll... With only 1 dice, of course.
Pierces-Armor is basically a sure damage for our attack, and this is a really good thing to pair with a water damage-boosting DR or with a Critical tension dice.

Stowage is our healing spell; we need one, because Arthur wounds himself for every Frenzy casted.
Stowage costs 0AP, letting us to cast it even after all our AP have been used, and 2MP. It heals for 1 base Heart (2 with a Critical), and got a VERY interesting additional effect... +1MP that Arthur can use from the next turn.
Basically the next turn we will be able to cast 2 Stowage, healing from 2 to 4 injuries and gaining a +2MP for the next turn!

Arthur can shoot, wound himself and heal all in one turn! This means, unfortunately, that we can't move because all our MP will be invested in Stowage. But we will talk about that later.

In the Powers tile, Arthur comes with a useful Armor power that potentially protects our remaining HP if we decide for an aggressive strategy.
Giving Arthur Bine a Critical dice from the tension roll is always a good idea, because we can abuse of that both in attack and healing.

Arthur Bine covers the role of heavy damage-dealer in a team involving him; we can use Frenzy up to 3 times per turn, with a potential of 3-6 water damages.
We will get 3 wounds in the meantime, but this is a fair amount to pay if we are able to kill an important opponent's piece.
In this case we are applying a very aggressive strategy, and our MP have probably been used for reaching the target... Or we could opt for a more fine strategy, pushing Arthur with other characters, and making him a sort of turret that shots and heals (protected by Armor).
It doesn't matter what kind of strategy we will apply, because that will be determinated by the game situation, but we all agree that Arthur Bine needs one thing for sure... More movement/MP.

The new Lock rule from 2.0 can be very frustrating for many characters.
Rememeber that there will be 3 potential situations with the new Lock rule:
- More Dodges than Locks => Nothing happens.
- Pair Dodges and Locks => Grabbed: the character loses -1AP and -1MP; 0 Dodges/Locks will be considered pair, so the Grabbed penalties will apply.
- Less Dodges than Locks => Locked: the character loses -3AP and -3MP.
Summons can reach only the Grabbed result, despiting the rolls.

If the opponent engages Arthur in a lock roll, our steamer will probably be able to shoot 2 times and heal 1 time with a Grabbed result.
Even on a Locked result we can still attack 1 time with Frenzy, with 1 remaing AP to buy or activate a DR. It will be risky, but Arthur is a threat even if engaged in a lock roll.

So our best option is to leave Arthur in the rear until we see a chance for a hit-and-kill move; to apply this strategy we will use a field manipulator, to give Arthur the opportunity to reach the target.
Our best options are probably Poochan or Luk Ylook at the moment, but soon the blue archer will fade out into the format rotation and Poochan is now a Boss limitiing our team building possibilities.
Maybe we should look at the future to think about a team involving Arthur Bine...

Khan Karkass ( ... _front.png) seems a good choice for us, pushing Arthur by 2 tiles and giving him +1MP for the addictional effect of Potent Encouragement.
Even if combined with the brand-new Invisibile Chafer ( ... _front.png), that got the same attack range with no line of sight needed, Arthur can take great benefit from Oscult Heritage gaining +1MP permanently when the Chafer will die... And we can combine even other Chafer with him! Let us think about Chafer Foor Soldier ( ... _front.png) that gives Critical with Vorpal Heritage, or even with Chafer Lancer ( ... anc-en.jpg) that will give the Steamer +2HP with Vigorous Heritage... We can build a team that for every piece that falls, will upgrade our main damage-dealer transforming Arthur Bine in a real nightmare for the opponent!

So I'm proposing you to think about a team of this kind:

- Khan Karkass (ini7,lvl2)
- Chafer Lancer (ini3,lvl1)
- Chafer Foot Soldier (ini3,lvl1)
- Chafer Lancer (ini3,lvl1)
- Chafer Foot Soldier (ini3,lvl1)
- Arthur Bine (ini3,lvl3)
- Grugaloragran - Old (ini2,lvl1) ( ... _front.png)
- Lilotte (ini2,lvl2) ( ... _front.png)

Khan Karkass can push all our beaters, in the figures of the Chafer Lancer (with shovel area of effect) or the fantastic Chafer Foot Soldier (he is the new Coa Gulary in my opinion).
With our Chafer we will apply a very aggressive strategy, dealing damages on the opponent's pieces; if the Lancers dies, they will give +2HP to our Foot Soldiers rending them super-cool 8HP pieces with a base 2 neutral attack with Pierces-Armor... A real threat!
If all our Chafer dies, Arthur will be a "+2HP, + Critical, +2HP, + Critical" killing machine; add that Khan Karkass can push Arthur forward, and you will find a 4MP, 14HP, Armored, Criticalized shooter with Pierces-Armor!
To cover the Earth damage, Grugaloragran - Old is a great call due to his Breath AoE.
The last piece, Lilotte, is more useful that she seems at a first glance.
She is obviously mainly a healer for Arthur Bine and Grugaloragran, letting us attack and use our MP maintening in the same time a Plan-B to heal our self-bleeding characters... But looking more deeply into her 30 Lick spell, we will notice that as additional effect it gives +1 Range to the character.
If Arthur has got the red icon, the Chafers have got the green one! Expecially the Foot Soldier, since his attack is 1-1 green icon, can hit to 1-2 with Lilotte. If paired with the extra movement given by Khan Karkass, the Foot Soldier can be used as a nice surprise move to kill a piece with 2 remaining HP.

I hope that this analysis was nice to read, and gave you some things to think about expecially in the optic of the future metagame.
I don't know if this can be a competitive strategy, but for sure this team got sinergies that will keep the player, and our opponent, focused on the game.

Let me know what do you think about this kind of articles.
Would you like to see more of them? Or d you prefer something different?
I will eventually try to post something every week (at least I hope to), but only if this stuff are intersting for the community :D

Leave your comments, critiques and advices here; let's build something togheter, as an international community!

Have a nice game! Mattia.

 Post subject: Re: [ANALYSIS]: Arthur Bine, the Stasis-fuelled Steamer
PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:45 pm 
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Joined: Wed Dec 24, 2014 6:51 pm
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Location: Italy - Reggio Emilia
Really? No consideration about this article?
Is Arthur Bine so ignored? I'm astonished about this silence... Or is there any other problem?
In that case I'm asking for your critics, to improve the project.

Thank you all! Matt.

 Post subject: Re: [ANALYSIS]: Arthur Bine, the Stasis-fuelled Steamer
PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:58 am 

Joined: Tue Dec 01, 2015 7:27 pm
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First i want to say that i really like your analysis.
I like the ideas of buffing Arthur with the Chafers. But i think Arthur is not a good main Damage Dealer for a Team because he only does 1 base damage every Time and hurts himself every time. If you now face a merkator ( or Duke, or Persimol ) you will have 0 basedamage and still you get 1 bloodmarker every attack. So even if you give him a water buff or sth. like that you will do 1-2 Damge every attack and take 1 bloodmarker every attack so you dont get a lot value out of your turn. The next Problem with Arthur is that he has just 10 lives and armour so if you play against a hight damage team he might die within one turn. So overall i think it is better to use him together with another strong Krosmaster.

I hope you can understand my bad english.


 Post subject: Re: [ANALYSIS]: Arthur Bine, the Stasis-fuelled Steamer
PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:21 pm 
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Joined: Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:52 am
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Hi there,

is a nice analysis but i thing Arthur alone ist not strong enough. He need a second DD thats makes best fire or erth damage.

I like at the momunet: Khan Karkass, Phaeris - Devastated, Kitty Rage, Moe Lawr and Arthur Bine

I can Buff Arthur up to 7 MP and then i can push Kitty and both can do damage. (7 damge with out rols pirce armore) if i have buffs or bost it makes many more damge.

With S4 you can play a Caffer and you buff if he dies your Arthur.


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